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April 27, 2020


We are ready to begin to re-open L&W for production!


Our current plan is to re-open for some production activities on May 1. As mentioned in previous updates, we will not call all production employees back at one time, but we will stagger the call backs as our workload returns.


Beginning next Wednesday April 29th , our Group Leaders will begin to make calls to individuals that we are asking to return to work on Friday May 1 and the time they should report on their first day back.


We will continue to call others back individually when we are ready for them to return to work at a later date.


When you are called to return to work, please remember that if you are feeling ill, are running a fever or have been exposed to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 or have been around someone who is suspected of having been infected, please do not return to work and notify your Group Leader when he calls.


We will require all employees to do a training session on Personal Protection Equipment and safety requirements to keep all of our employee partners safe when you return to work. These trainings will take place on the first day of your return and you will be given instructions and your own cloth mask for use at that time.


Please continue to watch this website or for text messages from L&W for additional updates to these plans.


If you have questions, please send an e-mail to questions@lw-eng.com and we will try to provide responses as quickly as we can.


Please continue to be vigilant in your actions during this time. Follow all guidelines to stay healthy and safe.


We are looking forward to finally getting back to work!

But we also want to return to work in a safe way. Please be willing to follow all guidelines and directives as laid out by our L&W team. We want to keep all of our valued members of our team and their families safe and healthy.


Thank You




Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

See link below to view required communication regarding your rights from the recent “Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)” passed by congress that goes into effect on April 1.

 To avoid tying up our phone lines, if you have specific questions regarding this notification and its possible impact for you, please send an e-mail to questions@lw-eng.com. We will respond as quickly as we can to your questions.

 One clarification regarding the Qualifying Reasons for Leave. The Department of Labor has currently ruled that Indiana and Michigan’s shelter in place requirement does not meet Qualifying Reason #1 as outlined in the Act.

 We will communicate to all of you later this week regarding return to work dates as new information comes out. We are still tentatively planning on re-opening on Tuesday April 7 but we will communicate this again later in the week with additional information.

Please be safe and follow all guidelines to stay healthy.





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